RED POCKET MOBILE | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use any AT&T Phones
A. You can use any AT&T phones including the iPhone and there is no need to unlock your iPhone since Red Pocket is on America's largest GSM network.
Q. Can I use my iPhone if it is not unlocked?
A. Absolutely, bring your iPhone to our retail location and have it setup today, with no need to jailbreak or unlock your iphone and start enjoying fast 3G web today on your iPhone. You can also order our regular sim card or our micro sim card for your iPhone 4 or 4s online.
Q. How do I configure my internet service for Red Pocket service on the iPhone APN settings.



1. Connect your phone to Wifi by going to: Settings --> Wi-Fi and then making sure that your Wifi is turned on and then choose your home/work network, if you don't have Wifi in your area you MUST get to public Wifi area such as Panera, Starbucks etc..


2. Once connected to Wifi go to Safari and on the url address bar type in:


3. Click on Continue on the page and then click on Custom APN.


4. Under Carrier drop down option go down to "US - Red Pocket Mobile" and hit done.


5. Click on Create Profile and then hit install. You are now all set running on the nation's best no contract unulimited iphone plan now with unlimited web.



-Q. How do I setup the MMS / Picture Messaging on the iPhone for my Red Pocket Mobile service?

A. You need to go to Settings--> General --> Network and put the following settings under Cellular Data Networks:





Proxy Gateway IP Address
Proxy Gateway Port 80
WAP APN att.mvno
WAP Homepage URL
MMS APN att.mvno

Q. What type of T-Mobile phone can I use?
A. You can use nearly any T-Mobile phone, if it is not unlocked we can unlock it for you at our Megastore Locations or online by going to CPR Cell Online Unlocking Service.
Q. What about Blackberry handsets?
A. Blackberry phones right now will be able to get talk, text and internet via Opera Mini. We do have Blackberry Messager and Blackberry App support coming soon but not available as of yet.
Q. What is a Red Pocket SIM Card?
A. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. A Red Pocket SIM card is a small "smart card" for GSM/GPRS mobile phones that contains your personal account profile as well as saves important information (i.e. network information, account services, your mobile phone number, stored telephone numbers, SMS messages and more). The Red Pocket SIM card must be inserted in the phone AFTER ACTIVATION in order for the phone to operate.?

When in a new Red Pocket Wireless package, it is about the size of a bank check card or a credit card. Within, there is a small “punch-out” smart card which needs to be removed before inserting into the phone.
Q. How do I insert the Red Pocket SIM Card into my phone?



  1. Remove battery from your phone
  2. Carefully punch out SIM from the Plastic cardholder
  3. Place SIM into the phone?s SIM cardholder with the gold square facing down and positioned so the metallic face of the SIM is lined up with and touching the metal contacts on the phone.
  4. Close the phone?s SIM cardholder until it clicks
  5. Replace the battery and battery cover
  6. Turn on your Phone
  7. If installation is successful, "Red Pocket UNLIMITED", or "My Network" should be in the phone's display
  8. If "Insert SIM Card", "Check SIM", "SOS Only", or "Unregistered SIM" appears in the phone?s display, remove the SIM and re-insert as instructed above. If re-installation is unsuccessful, please contact us as your phone may be a non-AT&T or a locked cell phone in which case we can unlock the phone for you with additional unlocking charge.
Q. What is an IMEI that I need for the activation of my cell phone with Red Pocket and where is it located?
A. An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number given to every mobile phone and is located behind the battery.
Q. How do I activate Red Pocket wireless service?
A. You can activate it online or give us a call at (800)319-4757 there is an activation fee based on if you want to get a new number or transfer a number over to Red Pocket Mobile.
Q. Can I pick my own phone number when I buy a new Red Pocket?Wireless sim card?
A. No, you cannot choose your own phone number. As our automated system finds the area code you requested and searches from a pool of numbers which are currently available in the US. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to choose a number.
Q. How long does an activation take for Red Pocket wireless sim card?
A. Generally takes 2 hours after the activation for new numbers and up to 72 hours for transferred phone numbers when submitted during regular business hours.

Q. Why does my wireless phone on Red Pocket Mobile show I am Off-Network even though I am in the home area?


A. If your phone is newly activated, ensure that enough time has been allowed for the system to activate the phone. Check to see that the airtime minutes were loaded on the phone. If the problem persists call the sales office. Please note after making payment online it may take up to 1 hour during regular business hours to have your own re-connect.
Q. How do I access my Red Pocket Mobile Voice Mail?

• To set up and check voicemail : dial Red Pocket phone number.

• Check your Red Pocket voicemail from a non Red Pocket handset:

o Dial Red Pocket phone number
o When it goes to voicemail, press * and then enter your password.

Q. How do I add money to my Red Pocket Mobile Service?
A. You can add money to your Red Pocket Mobile Service Online .
Q. Can I make U.S. long distance calls from my Red Pocket Mobile phone?
A. Absolutely, nationwide long distance is included in every plan and you will even get credit for International Calling as well.
Q. How do I check my coverage?
A. CLICK HERE to check your personal coverage.


Q. Does Red Pocket Mobile Support International Texting?
A. Currently Red Pocket Mobile does not support international texting but we are working on it. In the mean time if you have an iPhone or Android phone you can download an app to get free International Texting on your iPhone: .
Q. Is there a cost to dial toll-free numbers?
A. There is no extra charge for calling toll-free numbers.
Q. What are the international calling rates for Red Pocket Mobile?
A. You can find the international calling rates by clicking here.
Q. How do I call internationally?

A.Account Balance

• Dial 011 – country code – phone number – send

• If you are unable to call internationally as a direct dial (some phones may not be
compatible) please follow these steps.
o Dial 1‐626‐388‐9788
o When you hear the chime sound, dial 011 – country code – phone number ‐ 


If you have used up all your calling credits please check out our discounted International Calling Plans where you can add money using a credit or debit card and get great international rates all with no pin dialing.

Q. How do I check my account balance?

A.Account Balance

• To check min balance, dial *777# send
• To check data balance, dial *777*1# send

Q. How do I SMS / MMS / Text / Picture Messaging using E-Mail to my phone number?

SMS and MMS email address: